G'day everyone and welcome to Aussie Ed’s World of Old Trucks

my 1912 model 'o' 2 ton lacre truck after restorationIf you’re looking for parts to restore your old truck I may be able to help. I have over forty years experience working on the old girls so whether it’s parts or just information please contact me and I’ll see what I can do to get you out of trouble.

I carry an assortment of new and used truck parts, mostly for the 50s through to the 80s, with makes including Bedford, Commer, Dodge, Ford, IH and more. I also stock a good range of hard to find original style lights and lenses, as well as rubber mounts and bushes, shackle pins and differentials and transmissions for the old beauties. At the moment I have a great selection of used and reconditioned diffs and gearboxes to suit a range of trucks all ready to go.

Many of the parts I stock are becoming increasingly hard to find and if you can’t immediately see what you’re looking for keep checking back because as I dig through my crates of treasures I will continue to update the parts already listed. 

Don’t forget to check out my specials which are “priced to sell” and again, as they sell I will add new ones. I’ve also included a speed chart that you may find useful as well as some classic truck ads to take you back to a time when trucks and the men driving them were beginning to build the modern transport industry we know today. I think you’ll enjoy a trip down memory lane!

Another feature I hope you enjoy and take advantage of is a photo gallery of old trucks. If you would like to post a picture of your pride and joy (your truck-not your wife) for other enthusiasts to admire simply email me a photograph with a full description and I will add it to the collection. It can be in any condition – original, restored or multiple shots of the restoration process. Everyone is welcome and the more the merrier!

Until next time,

Aussie Ed.